10×10 Summer Wardrobe challenge: Recap

What is the 10 x 10 Wardrobe challenge?

This challenge was created by the blogger from Style Bee and consists on wearing only 10 items os clothing and shoes during 10 days, combining them in 10 different outfits.
The items that can be incorporated into the challenge are the following:
✔ Tops
✔ Jumpers
✔ Trousers
✔ Dresses
✔ Outwear
✔ Shoes
The accessories are not included.

My 10 items:

My 10 items are divided into:
3 tops:
3 bottoms
2 dresses
2 pairs of shoes

More details on each item here.

With only this items I created 10 outfits, but I could create so much more since this are such versatile pieces.
Scroll to see all the outfits:










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  1. Emma says: Reply

    I love the idea of this challenge!! You’ve styled the pieces so well and these photos are just gorgeous girl xx


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