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  • Bye Autumn

    Yeah … Winter is coming … 21st December to be exact …So it’s time to take those amazing long coats out, if you haven’t yet. If you are like me, you have been wearing them for a while, even though it still around 15 degrees Celcius outside. Who cares? A good coat can totally make […]

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  • Romwe Black Friday Outfit

    Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. As you may already notice, I love wearing unexpected pieces. I find that if you bring a summer piece to a classic autumnal outfit, you instantly make the look much more interesting. Here I wore a lovely white summer midi dress underneath this amazing jumper from Romwe. […]

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  • Urban outfits

    Pink jacket and red check outfit

      Hello everyone!! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Today I am sharing with you this urban inspired outfit that goes so well on this gratify wall. I’m loving the monochrome trend, but gave it my own personality by adding one other complementary colour. In this case the main “colour” is this burgundy pattern on […]

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  • Let’s celebrate Autumn

    French beret

      Is not Autumn the best season ever? It’s the season where temperature starts to cool down and we can pull off our cozy knits and scarves. It’s the season where we can fill up on hot coffee and pumpkin pie ♥ Is there a coziest thing than being cuddling in the sofa while watching Stranger […]

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  • Hello November

    Zara tartan dress and fedora hat

      Yeah, November is here already … insane right? Maybe because the temperature has been strangely high this year, it doesn’t feel like November yet for me. Other years this time I would be already super excited about Christmas and have been listening Christmas songs since September… Anyways, although it hasn’t been sunny today, the […]

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  • Dungarees

    Fall seventies inspired outfit

    Hello everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Today I am going to talk to you about dungarees. On my opinion this is one undervalued piece. Maybe people are afraid to look like Mario * free tip: do not pair it with a mustache ;-)… Or maybe people think they look unflattering… About this, I […]

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  • Being ourselves

    Hello everyone, hope you’re doing great. Every human being should have their own uniform. In this context an uniform isn’t an outfit you have to wear because you belong to an organization, it is actually the opposite. So let’s call it personal uniform… Your personal uniform is a type of outfit you have in a few […]