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  • My kind of greenery

    Hi guys how are you?As you may already noticed, green is the 2017 colour in the fashion department, and I am totally in, always loved the green colour. Today I am showing you how I style green. Started with this detailed green trousers, which I combined with this Iron Maiden tee (Of course) and my […]

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  • Anti-Valentine’s day look

    zipper black boots

    Hi guys, hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s day. For me, not so much, my boyfriend is actually out of the country, So I went for a anti sexy look featuring some of the classic valentine’s day colours, such as the red and the black. Wore my silver pleated midi skirt to tone down this […]

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  • Earth tones coziness

    Details of the bag

    Hi guys, hope you’re doing great. If I had a capsule wardrobe, this jumper would be there for sure, I wear it with literally everything on my wardrobe. I found this look so warm… Although it still winter here in Portugal, it doesn’t get all that cold, so I wore the faux fur coat just […]

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  • Velvet stars

    Side view

    Hello guys, hope you’re doing great. Today I bring you a perfect look to wear in colder climates. Layered 2 jackets: the velvet bomber and the faux fur coat (obviously). I love every single piece of this look, from the colour block jeans to the wide sleeve knit… and the result couldn’t have been better, […]

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  • Metallica

    Detailed view of the look

    Metallica is one of my favorite bands ever. And I’m so glad they released a new album, have been listening to it a lot this new year. Maybe because of this (…or not), have been seeing a lot of Metallica tee-shirts in stores, which I am totally happy with. I always loved band tees and […]

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  • Maxi cardigan

    Fashion accessories details

    Hi there hope you’re doing great. Love coats, and the bigger and cozier they are, the more I love them. Unfortunately some coats can be really stiff and we have a bit of a hard time trying to move inside them. Maxi cardigans solve this problem for us. I got mine in this lovely light […]

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  • Bowie

    Top look 2

    A few days ago it was one year after David Bowie death. But he will continue to inspire people all over the world, not only in the music industry, but also in the fashion industry. His style had many phases and was absolutely out of the ordinary. And that’s why it’s one of my style […]