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  • Travel Guide: 3 days in Lisbon

    Lisbon coast

    Hi Everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. You asked for a Lisbon travel guide so I’ve done one because I love you guys ❤. Have been in Lisbon for 3 days two weeks ago, and here’s what you can do taking maximum advantage of 3 days in Lisbon. Hope you find it […]

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  • Natura Glamping


    Location: Natura Glamping, Serra da Gardunha, Fundão, Portugal. When to go? . Winter if you want snow; . April to May if you want to see the cherry blossom; . Summer. Where to stay? . In the domes. You can also stay at the guard’s house, but the domes are super romantic and have the best […]

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  • Travel Uniform

    Travel portugal

    Happy Sunday guys! If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw I’ve been travelling the past days to celebrate the 8th year anniversary with my boyfriend. We stayed at the cutest yurt, which I will be talking about soon in a post totally dedicated to reviewing this place, as you asked for on Instagram. […]

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  • What I wore in Seville

    Hi guys. Happy Friday!!! If you follow my Instagram you may have seen I went for a road trip for a few days in Seville. I asked if you would like to see a travel guide and a what I wore kind of post on the blog and a few of you said yes. So […]

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  • Travel Guide: Mérida, Spain

    Travel guide: spain

    Mérida: the Spanish hidden jewel… I was really surprised with what I found in this small town… No wonder Mérida’s Roman monuments were placed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1993… totally deserved. The town was founded in 15 BC after imperator Augustus conquered the area. The original roman name was Emerita Augusta and […]